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9 Fun Sewing Crafts for Beginners

To sew, or not to sew? What an age old question. Well, those who have never sewn before might be asking the same thing. Whether you are brand new to sewing and don’t know the first thing about sewing machines or you are an expert and want to try something new, there is fun for everyone!

These projects are sure to make sewing second nature! Each idea provides material suggestions along with brief steps to get you started.

So check out these 9 easy crafts that will help you get your foot in the door:

Fabric Wrapped Scarf

A scarf can add warmth and style to any outfit. Plus, there are so many options! Want something with a bit of flair? Try this cute fabric scarf!

Let’s trade our scarves for scarves made from cotton or another soft material. This is a super easy project and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

You can see the full tutorial at How to Make A Fabric Wrapped Scarf

Pillow Cases with Zipper!

Another fun sewing craft for beginners are pillow cases with zipper! You can fill it with different gifts, or use it as just an ordinary pillow case.

To make a pillow case with zipper, you will need: Scissors, a ruler and some thread. Cutting out your pillow case from fabric is always the first step. Next, cut out a rectangle of fabric that is about 2 inches smaller than your desired size for the zipper. Pin both sides of the rectangle together and sew them together to create your new zipper! Now you’re ready for sewing on the zipper- just stick it in place!

Quilted Wrapping Paper

Punching holes in a piece of paper
-Start by punching the hole in the center of your square, then punch another small hole on either side (two small holes – one on each end).
-Now insert your ribbon into these two small holes and pull it back through until you have it around a third of the way up one side (between the two holes).
-Thread your cord around this third piece of cord that is going over your square. Take care to leave about 3 inches between what will soon be your top edge when finished. On both sides, thread this third strand under and tie it off with a knot. This will allow you to tie string or yarn through! -Repeat steps 1-4 with your other square.
-Take your two squares and sew them together along the side that has the two holes for a bottom and two for a top.
-Fold over the top and bottom edges of your piece to make it look like you are wrapping a gift! Tie it up with some string or yarn or ribbon like you did earlier with the cords.
-Now wrap your gift in wrapping paper and show off your mad gift wrapping skills!

Patchwork Table Runner

This is a fun twist on a classic table runner. Use the same pattern you would for a typical table runner, except you will need to cut out 4 strips instead of 2. This will allow you to make the tassels on the edges of your table runner! Once these are done, follow the same pattern as you normally would and sew all of your seams. Finally, cut out your table runner as usual and begin attaching the tassels to the sides. For this project you will need: Fabric, a pencil and fabric glue (optional)

DIY Woven Bag

This is a fun and simple bag to make! This is perfect for a beginner because it doesn’t require any sewing skills! All you do is use the pattern provided by the tutorial and cut out your pattern pieces. When you’re done, just attach your handles, bottom and strap.

Funky Luggage Tag

Here is a quick and easy way to make your luggage stand out from the rest! This project is perfect for those with no sewing skills because it does not require any! Just cut out the pattern and then take your ribbon and glue it together at the ends. You can then just tie this around your luggage handle or carabiner, whichever you prefer. Now you’re ready to go on your next trip!

Faux Leather Phone Case

To make a Faux Leather Phone Case:
-Take your wallet size piece of faux leather and cut it in half
-Cut the two pieces down the middle until they are the same size
-Stitch one side of your phone case to where you just sewed your raw edges together. If you are using an iron on adhesive, take care to only do a few stitches at first. Keep testing it’s location as you go. When everything is in place, stitch down the other side and then take some time to test out how much room is left between the back of your phone case and where it meets up with itself! This will give you some measurements that will help guide you into cutting them out from fabric!
-Cut your fabric pieces to the measurements that you have left between your pieces of faux leather. This will ensure that when you join the sides together, they are properly sized.
-Stitch around the edges of your two fabric pieces and your straps and attach them in the same manner as you did with your phone case.
-Measure out a piece of ribbon, about 3 inches long and sew it to either end or one end for every side (depending on how many sides you want).

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Easy DIY Soap Dispenser

All you need for this project is:

  1. Cut out a rectangle according to the dimensions given in the tutorial and piece it together with your stay tape.
  2. Place the bottom piece on top of your soap dispenser and cut out a circle the same size as your dispenser.
  3. Use adhesive on the back of both sides of one side of your ring, adhere it to either side of your soap dispenser and wrap around until it meets in the middle.
  4. Use adhesive on one side of your button and adhere it to either side.
  5. Cut out a rectangle of fabric that is the same length as your soap dispenser and place it in between the two sides of your soap dispenser.
  6. Cut out a rectangle of fabric the size of your soap dispenser, cut two holes in one end and two in the other.
  7. Attach a small piece of ribbon to either side of your button
  8. Place all of your pieces together and you are done!

DIY Woven Bag-Handbag/Shoulderbag with a Handle!

This bag is PERFECT for days when you don’t want to carry your handbag around but need to stay organized! I’m usually pretty lazy when it comes to bag organization, so I wanted something that would help me find everything quickly and easily. This is the perfect project because it takes just minutes to make! All you’ll need are a few pieces of fabric, a button and some string.

To start off with, measure the length of the handle that you want on your bag. For example, on my purse handle I measured 6 inches from where I attached the strap to my side seam. Then cut out two strips of fabric roughly 4 inches wide (I used 8 yards). Fold over one long edge by 1 inch, take your button and sew it to the side facing up. Cut out a piece about 1 inch in length for the bottom of your bag, fold it over by 1/2 inch and glue it inside the top of your bag. Attach a small string to either side of your button and attach to either end of the strap.

For my purse I have 6 main compartments (4 on each side), an area for my phone, an area for my makeup and lipstick compartments.

Sewing crafts are a great way to introduce kids to arts and crafts! Sewing can be simple enough for beginner sewers, but also complex enough for the experienced. Here are some of my favorite easy sewing crafts for beginners that will keep you entertained all day long!

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