Quilting Home Decor

Quilt Your Way to a Beautiful Home Decor!

Love to quilt, but confused about your next project? This list will help you find inspiration to make all sorts of home decor items, from wall hangings to decorative pillows. There are even some short tutorials on how to quilt the projects. You won’t believe what a great way this hobby is to relieve stress!

Why Choose Quilting as a Hobby?

Quilting is a hobby that’s always in style and one that can be enjoyed in different ways. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or are stuck on what to do with all of your spare fabric scraps, quilting is an excellent option. Quilting is also less expensive than many other home décor projects because it uses recycled materials like old clothing. Plus, if you get tired of your project, you can always turn it into something else by repurposing the fabric or artfully embellishing it!

Types of Home Decor Items That You Can Make from Quilting

Here are a few fabric crafts that you can make other than a traditional quilt.

Pillow Case – Add a beautiful accent to your bedroom by creating quilted pillow cases, filled with interchangeable pattern pieces that you can use in different arrangements to create your own pillow designs, or any other decor item.

Quilted Pillow Case

Rug – A beutiful way to accent an entry is with a quilted rug that you can create yourself.

Hanging Wall Art – Whether you’re looking to decorate the walls of your home, or create a personalized gift for someone, hanging wall art is a great way to add decorative flair without taking up too much room.

Decorative Pillow – Have some extra fabric left over from a project? No worries! You can turn that into an easy-to-make decorative pillow with just 3 folds and using piping to frame it.

Base Table Runner – Find an extra long shirt and turn it into a runner for your table or for spillovers at parties.

Quilted Travel Bag – Why buy fabric that you can’t use for a project when you can use up your extra fabric scraps and turn them into a beautiful travel bag so that you have something to carry all of your crafting accessories in.

Pot Holder – Do you love to cook? If so, a quilted pot holder is the perfect way to get your creative juices flowing. Or, if you’re just looking for a new way to display your hand-stitched goodies, why not create a hanging pot holder that you can use while you’re cooking that will help keep surfaces clean and protected.

Quilted Placemats – Cut off the sleeves of an old t-shirt, cut down the back of the shirt to create a rectangle, and then sew it together with a long piece of old fabric. Create your own unique placemat with shapes and designs that you love!

You can see how to make these in our guide How to Make A Quilted Placemat

Quilting can be used to create a variety of home decor items, not just traditional quilts. Quilting is also cheaper than many other types of home décor projects because it uses recycled materials like old clothing. Quilted items are also easier to make than projects made with new fabric or other materials. Let us know some of your home decor ideas for quilting in the comments below.

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